Cancellation policy

After confirmation of a booking, any cancellation will be liable for a charge. Charges comprise accommodation costs1 incurred by the MMP plus a percentage of the fee as described below:

  1. Cancellation within two working days2 of event - 100% of fee + accommodation costs
  2. Within two weeks of event (but more than two working days2) - 75% of fee + accommodation costs
  3. Within eight weeks of event (but more than two weeks) - 50% of fee + accommodation costs
  4. More than eight weeks before the planned event - a flat charge of £50 + accommodation costs

IF CANCELLING WITHIN ONE WEEK OF EVENT: please both phone and email the presenter (presenter's mobile number as given when booking) AND phone the MMP office on 01223 766839/764777 to ensure that your message reaches the presenter; they may be on the road and unable to pick up email. If you are unable to speak to the presenter, please make your school's reception desk aware of the situation to avoid possible confusion.

In situations where you wish to rebook for a different date, it is at the discretion of the MMP whether any part of these charges may be waived.

1 Accommodation costs will equal the cost incurred by MMP. Some room bookings may be cancelled at no charge, in which case there will be no charge to you. However, other room bookings may be non-refundable (this is often the case with the cheap deals we use to minimise expenses). In this case, you may be liable for the full price of the room.

2 Not including weekends or bank holidays.

How we use your information:

When you give us your details in connection with a CPD/Roadshow/workshop booking, the University of Cambridge will use your personal contact information to keep booking records, and to contact you with information on your booking and invoices as required. We may also use your contact details to send a link to complete evaluation feedback after the session.

We will not share your personal information with other organisations. The non-personal data you give us (e.g. school details and location) may be used in reports and evaluation/research materials.

For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see