Students collaborating on Nine Colours - NRICH activity

Since the launch of the Millennium Mathematics Project in 1999 we have seen enormous growth in the audience for our resources and activities, reflecting the fact that our work is meeting a real need. We have been supported over the past seventeen years by many grants and gifts from a wide range of organisations and individuals who share our commitment to making a difference to mathematics education. However, we have no endowment or permanent funding, and thus depend on securing further funding in order to continue and develop our innovative work supporting millions of students and teachers worldwide.

We therefore actively continue to seek funding for the future continuation and development of our award-winning programmes, encouraging rich, imaginative, inspiring approaches to mathematics education for all ages. If you would like to support us by making a gift, of whatever size, we would be very grateful.

How to give

  • For US taxpayers: via Cambridge in America

    If you are a US taxpayer you may prefer to donate via Cambridge in America. Cambridge in America is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation (recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service) which funds grants that benefit Cambridge University and its member colleges and departments. Gifts to Cambridge in America qualify for an income tax deduction to the limits allowed by law.

    You can give online via the Cambridge in America secure online gift form. Please state when making your gift that you would like your donation to support the Millennium Mathematics Project.

    Alternatively, there is further information about ways of giving on the Cambridge in America website.

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If you would like to discuss supporting our activities in more detail please contact Julia Hawkins, MMP Deputy Director.

We hope that you enjoy visiting all of our sites and thank you for your interest and your support!