MMP public events notification mailing list

If you'd like to receive email notifications about future MMP events, then you can register with the MMP-ANNOUNCE events mailing list. We will give you advance notice of free public lectures and other public or schools events including open days, maths fairs, Cambridge Maths Circle events and some talks arranged by other organisations which we think would be of interest to you, and will also send you occasional other news about the MMP's programmes.

The list is low volume - you won't be swamped by messages, and it's simple to take yourself off the list if you need to. If you have any problems registering please email us and ask us to add your email address to the events mailing list.

You can also follow the MMP on Twitter.

PLUS email newsletter

If you would be interested in a regular monthly newsletter about developments in the wider world of maths then you can also sign up for the Plus newsletter mailing list - this is linked to our award-winning mathematics magazine, Plus, and includes alerts about new Plus articles as well as some additional content not featured in the online site.

You can also follow Plus on Twitter or Facebook.

NRICH email newsletter

If you are a teacher or a parent of a school-age child and want a monthly newsletter giving information about the new resources published on the NRICH site and advance notice about teacher professional development events and opportunities, you can subscribe to the NRICH teacher newsletter. There is also a student mailing list.

You can also follow NRICH on Twitter or Facebook.

Privacy Notice

We send out our newsletters to the relevant mailing lists above managed by JiscMail, which runs email lists for the UK Education and Research communities. By subscribing to these mailing lists your personal data (email address, name) may be used by JiscMail and the list owner to manage your membership and send you the newsletter. JiscMail may also use your personal information to support you in using the mailing list, to identify problems or to make the mailing list better. Your email address will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you unsubscribe or ask the list owner or JiscMail helpline to remove your details. You can find more information about JiscMail's full privacy policy here.