Our NRICH website has just launched a new collection of free online resources to help potential university applicants prepare for sitting STEP Mathematics examinations.

STEP Mathematics is an additional examination, taken at the end of Y13, which forms part of conditional offers to mathematics applicants by Cambridge and some other universities.

The NRICH STEP Preparation resources have been designed as a series of linked modules for individual additional study. The programme is aimed at maths students who have completed the first year of A-level or equivalent study: students can start working on them from the summer after the end of Year 12 (past STEP candidates often say they wished they’d started preparation early), but equally it is possible to start later and catch up.

Each fortnight, a new module will appear on the STEP Preparation page (nrich.maths.org/STEP). Each module will consist of problems, articles, worked examples, advice for STEP candidates and much more. By working through these modules, students will learn and practise the problem-solving skills and new mathematical techniques needed for STEP, and have a good idea of what to expect by the time they sit the exam at the end of Year 13.

As the modules appear, previous modules will be archived to allow students to revisit earlier content, or to pick up the programme part of the way through. By the summer of 2014 the complete set of modules will form a permanent STEP preparation collection.

The development of the STEP Preparation resources has been supported by the Citi Foundation.

Find the free STEP Preparation resources online at nrich.maths.org/STEP.