We have launched a new set of free online mathematics education resources introducing key concepts in statistics for GCSE and A-level, published on our NRICH website.

Statistics content in the mathematics curriculum has increased at both GCSE and A-level, and statistics is now both a core component of the Mathematics A-level and an essential component of A-levels in other subjects too. These new resources are designed to introduce key statistical concepts in a an engaging and accessible way, tailored to the scope of the new curriculum, and include extensive material to support teachers – including non-specialists teaching mathematical content as a component of other subjects.

The new module introduces and explores key statistical concepts including hypothesis testing, uncertainty, sampling and distributions, as well as the important issues and questions that arise when representing and communicating data. It includes detailed activity resources, aimed at GCSE level (age 14-16) and A level, together with background articles about key concepts, which are designed to support both school students and teachers who may wish to refresh their own subject knowledge.

Developed with philanthropic support from PSI, co-ordinating cross-industry donations from the pharmaceutical industry, the new NRICH resources are freely available to all schools, teachers and students. Most activities are designed as a full lesson, although some can be used more flexibly as lesson starters or consolidation exercises, and they encourage and promote discussion to help students develop a better informed understanding of the topics.

As with all NRICH material, each resource is accompanied by substantial teacher guidance and support material, accessible to both specialist and non-specialist teachers, including suggestions for methods of introducing the activities in the classroom, downloadable worksheets or materials where required, and advice on key concepts and questions to explore.

Find the new resources at nrich.maths.org/statistics.