We have launched a new collection of free online resources, Wild Maths, aimed at 7 to 16 year olds exploring maths beyond the classroom.

Mathematics is a creative subject. It involves spotting patterns, making connections, finding new ways of looking at things and using what you already know in new contexts. Creative mathematicians play around with examples, draw good pictures, have the courage to experiment and ask good questions.

All our award-winning activities aim to encourage creative thinking, curiosity, exploration, discussion and discovery. The free mathematics education resources for ages 3 to 19 on our hugely successful NRICH site support teachers in engaging learners with rich, rewarding mathematical activities, while our free online magazine Plus, for older readers, is packed with stories exploring the results of mathematical creativity and discovery. Our new Wild Maths project aims to take this one step further, providing rich and open-ended resources - mathematical games, challenges, investigations and articles - aimed at children and students working individually, or with a parent.

Wild Maths is currently still growing, and we will continue to develop the site over the next year. Feedback is welcome (email us at wild@maths.org). Meanwhile, please explore - you can find the free online Wild Maths resources at wild.maths.org.