You can now watch videos of the two plenary talks from our Year 12 Mathematics Enrichment Day online.

120 Year 12 students (aged 16-17) from 13 different schools took part in the full-day event on 27 June 2014, which had a special focus on encouraging the development of mathematical thinking. The enrichment day programme included two plenary talks, by Professor Imre Leader and Professor David Tong. In addition, each student took part in two different small-group mathematical workshops over the course of the day. The workshops were run by members of the NRICH and Cambridge Mathematics Education Project team, and explored mathematical topics including number theory, game theory, geometry and proof through paper folding.

Feedback from the audience was enormously positive: students described the lectures as 'amazing', 'extremely engaging' and 'captivating', while the teachers' comments included "Excellent ['Order in Disorder'] lecture introducing students to the idea of 'stepping stone' proofs" and "Fantastic lecture [on Einstein and Relativity] :-)".

To watch the talks, click on the links below.

Imre Leader title credit imageOrder in Disorder
Professor Imre Leader
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge

"Some bits of mathematics are completely free of equations: just about patterns. I want to tell you about such a bit of maths, with no equations at all, called Ramsey Theory."

David Tong title credit imageEinstein, Relativity and Gravity Waves
Professor David Tong
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

"I want to tell you about Albert Einstein, and about his theory of relativity - what it is, why he was thinking about it and also about some of the very latest developments that have happened just this year."

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Image of Centre for Mathematical Sciences: jmj2001/Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)