Do bacon sandwiches increase your chance of getting cancer?
Why are some medical treatments not available on the NHS?
How do epidemics spread and can we stop them?

The MMP has produced a series of five free online multi-media resource packs for Key Stages 3 and 4 on 'Maths and Our Health', funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The multi-media packs encourage students to explore the practical applications of the maths they learn in the classroom in a very real setting, and support topics that appear in the science curriculum. The resources also aim to help students reach an informed understanding of some of the issues about health and medicine that they encounter on a daily basis through media headlines.

Each pack is based around short video clips of an expert in a health- related field talking about why maths is important to them, with related investigative activities and worksheets for students. Teacher notes are included. Topics include modelling disease spread and how vaccination works, looking at probability and statistics in medical evidence, examining the economics of healthcare, and evaluating risk.

Find the free multimedia packs online at