stemNRICH - Core is a new section on our NRICH website providing stimulating and relevant resources to explore the ways in which mathematics, science and technology are linked, aimed at 11-16 year olds and their teachers.

stemNRICH - Core aims to help Key Stage 3 and 4 students understand and explore the fascinating links between maths, science and technology, in order to reinforce their learning and understanding across all subjects. The resources focus on problem-solving and developing the core mathematical skills needed for success in science and technology within engaging and real contexts. The activities are grouped into a 'living world' section (biophysical sciences), a 'physical world' section (physics/quantitative chemistry) a 'technology' section (DT and computing) and a 'core maths' section (straight maths with a STEM function).

stemNRICH - Core leads on to stemNRICH - Advanced, packed with resources taking students from post-16 study right through to the first year of University.

The development of the stemNRICH - Core resources is generously funded by the Clothworkers' Foundation, following initial funding for the stemNRICH- Advanced resources through the University of Cambridge's Transkills Project. Further resources will continue to be added to stemNRICH in 2011/12, and the project will also be complemented by the free STEM Teacher Inspiration professional development programme, also supported by the Clothworkers' Foundation.