Our NRICH website has just published a new collection of online resources exploring the theme of population dynamics. Aimed at advanced students, the resource package explores the fascinating maths involved in creating mathematical models to describe the changes in populations of living creatures.

The Population Dynamics resource collection consists of a linked series of explanatory introductions to the topic, broken into manageable chunks, accompanied in each case by practical questions through which students try out the mathematical processes themselves. Additional investigations invite students to explore the maths further. These advanced, challenging and stimulating resources were created by a team including Dr Stephen Hewson, NRICH Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator, two undergraduate Cambridge mathematicians and a postgraduate mathematical ecologist. The collection is designed to introduce A-level students keen to pursue a degree in maths or science to university-level mathematical modelling.

Find the free online resource package at nrich.maths.org/popdynamics.