The Cambridge Science Festival runs from 12th - 25th March 2012 and features more than 180 events organised by departments within the University of Cambridge.

This year the Festival has a special focus on celebrating the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Professor John Barrow, Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project, will be giving two different lectures about maths and sport, on Monday 12th March and Saturday 24th March. We'll be running our ever-popular Hands-On Maths Fair on Saturday 17th March, and repeating this as a slightly different and larger event in conjunction with the Cambridge Maths Circle, including activities for older children too (all ages up to 18), on Saturday 24th March. Saturday 24th March will also see our first-ever public event on the Maths of Sport featuring hands-on mathematical activities and displays focusing on some of the sports and infrastructure of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, based on resources created for our Maths and Sport: Countdown to the Games project, a partner in the London 2012 education programme.

You can find the full programme online, and we've also listed some of the maths highlights for you on this website.