Tuesday, 10 July 2012 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

The Newton Institute is delighted to welcome Turner Prize-winning sculptor Professor Grenville Davey as the artist-in-residence for the duration of the programme The Mathematics and Applications of Branes in String and M-Theory from January to June 2012. 

On Tuesday 10th July Professor Grenville Davey and Dr David Berman will host a discussion session at the Isaac Newton Institute to discuss their collaboration on works inspired by ideas from the cutting edge of contemporary theoretical physics, namely M-theory and duality. The discussion will cover various aspects of the collaboration and the process by which artists and scientists can work together as well as the various ideas that prove inspirations and form the focus of new works.

As a complement to the discussion, there will also be a small display of works, some in progress and some complete. A wine reception will follow.

To request free tickets to this event please contact the Isaac Newton Institute on 01223 335999 or email

Please note that this event is organised by the Isaac Newton Institute: for further details please see the Newton Institute's website.


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