Nesta, the influential independent charity 'innovation foundation', has highlighted NRICH's rich collaborative problem-solving resources in its analysis of key educational trends for 2017.

Nesta's 2017 educational predictions identify collaborative problem solving as a key direction for educational development. Looking at 'the skills needed for a better economy and stronger society', Nesta comments:

'Our research suggests skills more ancient and human - the ones harder to automate and therefore more valuable in the long-term - creativity, dexterity and social intelligence and the ability to solve non-routine problems.'

To illustrate an example of how this can be implemented in the classroom, the think-piece highlights one of our favourite NRICH problems, Noah. Aimed at young primary pupils, Noah is a great example of a rich, engaging resource designed to promote discussion, debate, the realisation that there can be many possible answers to a problem, and to inspire children to explore ideas. Take a look for yourself here!

You can read the full Nesta article here.