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STEP 3 Mechanics *Updated*


This module contains Mechanics questions based on the STEP 3 specification.

Each STEP 3 module consists of STEP questions, some topic notes and useful formulae, a "hints" sheet and a "solutions" booklet.

STEP questions are challenging, so don't worry if you get stuck. These STEP 3 modules assume that you have already begun to develop your problem-solving skills and approach to STEP questions by working on the Foundation modules and the STEP 2 modules.

About this assignment

The first steps in tackling a Mechanics question are to draw a large, clear diagram and to have a think about what is happening physically. There are several extra topics in the STEP 3 specification, including motion in a circle, oblique collisions and simple harmonic motion. A lot of the questions require you to set up several equations and then do some algebraic manipulation to show a given result.

Assignment PDF: