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STEP 3 Statistics *Updated*


This module introduces you to STEP 3 questions from the Statistics section of the specification.

Each STEP 3 module consists of 4 STEP questions, some topic notes and useful formulae, a "hints" sheet and a "solutions" booklet.

STEP questions are challenging, so don't worry if you get stuck. These STEP 3 modules assume that you have already begun to develop your problem-solving skills and approach to STEP questions by working on the Foundation modules and the STEP 2 modules. You can also ask for support, help and hints on the STEP Support discussion forum.

About this assignment

Statistics questions are often very wordy, and the first step is always to read the question carefully (and you will probably need to do this several times). There are lots of useful formulae given in the STEP formulae book, it is a very good idea to print out a copy and familiarise yourself with what is in there!

Knowledge of the Geometric distribution is not required for STEP in the current specification, but it can be helpful when answering old STEP questions. There are some notes on the Geometric distribution in the topics notes for this module.

Please note that Generating Functions and Covariance are no longer on the STEP specifications.

Assignment PDF: