Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Dr James Grime

One of the great 20th century mathematicians, Alan Turing was a pioneer of computer science who is best remembered as one of the leading code breakers at Bletchley Park during World War II. Turing's brilliant mathematical insights and innovative thinking helped to break Enigma, the purportedly unbreakable code used by the German military. Join Dr James Grime as he tells the gripping story of both Alan Turing and the Enigma, leading up to this epic battle of man against machine - including a full demonstration of an original WWII Enigma Machine!

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The talk is free but admission is by ticket only. Please note that this talk is now fully booked, but you can join the waiting list to be notified if any tickets are returned.

About the speaker:

Dr James Grime is a mathematician and public speaker who works for the Millennium Mathematics Project at the University of Cambridge. For the past six years he has toured the UK, and the world, giving talks about the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking as part of our Enigma Project. He is also well-known as a presenter of mathematical videos on YouTube.

General public
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This talk will be aimed at an adult audience (ages 16+).