What did children learn in maths lessons 4,000 years ago? How does a maths archaeologist work? Can you become a Babylonian mathematician?

4,000 years ago, children in school were learning maths just as they do now. But what maths did they learn and how did they learn it? A free online multimedia resource pack created by our Motivate project for the Key Stage 2/3 transition shows us how we can find out about an ancient civilisation through the objects they left behind.

The pack is based around short video clips exploring mathematical history and archaeology and introducing key concepts in Babylonian mathematics, with related investigative activities and worksheets for students.Teacher notes are included.

This resource pack is aimed at children aged 10-12. We hope that it will be girl-friendly, without being boy-unfriendly, and that it could be used as a means of bridging the transition between primary school and secondary school, perhaps forming part of a Transition Day, or a topic which could be started in the primary school then completed in the secondary school.

Find the free multimedia resource pack at motivate.maths.org/BabylonianMaths.