NRICH Roadshow activity - Teacups

The NRICH Hands-On Maths Roadshow is a fantastic opportunity for your students to experience a collection of NRICH’s favourite mathematical puzzles, games and activities in your school.

Our NRICH Maths Roadshow Coordinator, Andrew Sharpe, will deliver rich tasks to groups of up to 30 students in multiple sessions during his visit.

The Aims and Benefits

There is an enormous amount of fun and mathematical learning that happens during a Roadshow and we aim to equip students with skills that will last long after their session. The delivery and activities are carefully designed to develop widely applicable problem solving skills which will help support the delivery of your curriculum:

  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity

You can find out more about the pedagogical thinking behind the Roadshow here and further details about NRICH’s beliefs and the research behind them on the What We Think and Why We Think It page.

The visit will also be highly beneficial to teachers and teaching assistants. It a great opportunity to see students doing maths in a very different environment to the regular classroom and the visit can also be used as a source of ideas and rich activities for inside the classroom. As such, we highly encourage you to have as many staff as possible visit the Roadshow on the day for their own professional development.

The Activities

Roadshow activity - Sandwiches

The Roadshow activities are hands-on - pencil cases can be left at the door to be replaced by interactives including teacups & saucers, multi link cubes, counters, dice and even a 3 foot Soma cube. The activities are taken from ideas on the NRICH website that we’ve translated into physical form. You can see a collection of many of the activities featured in the Roadshow here.

The Roadshow is tailored to suit various age ranges and is regularly delivered successfully to students from key stages 1 to 4. Different activities are picked for each session using information about the groups that will be doing them. Some of the activities in the room are chosen as they have a low entry level and a high ceiling (to push your high attaining students) whilst others are challenging from the start (to help develop resilience).

The Format of a Session

Sessions can be organised to suit your timetable, we have found the most successful session lengths are:

  • 30-40 minutes for key stage 1
  • 45-60 minutes for key stage 2
  • 50-75 minutes for key stages 3-4

The sessions start with students sitting in a group for an introduction and warm-up activity. Students then spend most of the session in pairs (or groups of 3) moving around the 20-30 activities at their own pace. Our coordinator will work with each pair, asking questions designed to encourage communication, perseverance, curiosity and fun. Toward the end there is a short plenary to reflect on the learning that has taken place to draw the session to a close.

We can be flexible with the format if you’d like something a little different. Please mention the details of your individual situation at the time of making a provisional enquiry (link below). The Roadshow is also suitable for summer schools, weekend and evening events.

Logistics and Venue

The presence of a teacher is required for each session.

Additional help is very welcome as it will add to the learning of the students and helpers. Enthusiastic older students can gain an enormous amount from helping their peers. In the past sixth formers (in secondary schools) and year 5 and 6 students (in primary schools) have greatly enjoyed being involved. For primary schools, inviting parents as helpers offers them an opportunity to share in their child's experience of an exciting maths event.

Children in year 2 and below will require one helper for every 2 or 3 children as the activities have written instructions.

The best space for the Roadshow is normally the hall or gym. A regular (or large) classroom will not have enough space for all the equipment. We require about a dozen tables set out around the edges of the room with space in the middle for the floor activities. Chairs and gym mats are useful but not necessary. Click here to see a suggested room layout.

It is best to avoid rooms which are also used for lunches. We appreciate that this is sometimes not possible, so let us know in advance and we can arrange the timetable appropriately to allow for removing the Roadshow over lunch.

It takes roughly an hour to set up and an hour to pack away the Roadshow fully. As such there will need to be access to the room well before the first session starts.

The group size limit is 30 students in order to ensure maximum impact of the Roadshow.

Costs and Booking

The fees for a Roadshow are:

  • £595 for full day Roadshow visit
    • Maximum 5.5 hours workshops.
    • e.g. 8.00am-4.00pm, allowing for 1 hour of setting up, half an hour of packing away, lunch and a short break.
  • £450 for a half day Roadshow visit
    • Maximum 3 hours workshops.
    • e.g. 8.00am-12.30pm, allowing for 1 hour of setting up and half an hour of packing away.

Additionally there will be charges for travel expenses at 45p/mile from Cambridge and, where necessary, for overnight accommodation.

To make an enquiry about the Roadshow, check available dates, ask for a full quote, or begin the process of making a booking, please complete this quick form.

Please be aware of our cancellation policy before you reach the stage of making your formal booking.

Roadshow and Beyond

One of the main aims of the roadshow is to have a lasting effect on both students and staff. The Roadshow and Beyond page has details on all the activities used, including teachers’ resources with suggested questions, prompts and ways to take each activity further.

Funding Opportunities

Schools can apply for grants to subsidise both teacher professional development and student workshop events from some national bodies. In the past there have been successful bids for the NRICH roadshow from the following: