Joint UNIversities Pandemic and Epidemiological Research

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (EDI)

Equality, diversity and inclusion spelt out using letter blocks

At JUNIPER we are committed to embedding equality, diversity and inclusivity within all of our activities. Below is our current EDI action plan which was developed in 2023. 

If you have any queries regarding EDI please contact our EDI champion Dr Ciara Dangerfield.

EDI Action Plan 2023-2024

Practical and Financial Support

  • Assist in the removal of barriers to participation for JUNIPER-run events and the JUNIPER researcher exchange programme, for example: finding accommodation suitable for participants’ needs; ensuring events are accessible to all participants; financial assistance for those with caring needs or responsibilities.
  • Routinely record talks, where possible, at JUNIPER seminars and workshops and make them available online for those unable to attend events in-person.
  • ED&I will be taken into consideration in the selection of researcher exchange programme proposals and workshop participants. 

Environment and Communication

  • Create an inclusive gender-neutral working culture where everyone feels welcome and valued.
  • Ensure that all publications and communications including the website reflect our desire to support and champion diversity in our research network.
  • Use our outreach work with Plus magazine to highlight representatives of underrepresented groups.


  • Work to ensure diversity in gender and ethnicity in appointments to the management and governance boards.
  • The Senior Scientific Programme Manager (SSPM) will be the named diversity champion on the management board. Their role would be to be a point of contact on EDI issues, to champion EDI within all activities of the network and to ensure continual monitoring and improvement of EDI within the network.

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Run surveys, usually on an annual basis, of those that have engaged in network activities to monitor diversity of those involved in the network and identify potential barriers to engagement. The results of the survey will be monitored by the Management Board and Governance Board.

  • Results of the survey will be presented to the management and governance boards and the EDI Action Plan will be reviewed on a regular basis (usually annually). 
  • As the diversity champion, the SSPM would be the named point of contact on the website to whom any issues or suggestions relating to EDI can be raised.
  • On a periodic basis (usually annually) the ED&I action plan will be reviewed by the Management Board and Governance Board and will be updated accordingly.

Events and Activities

  • Include a scheduled session within the annual meeting to encourage diversity and inclusion. 
  • Ensure that considerations of gender and ethnicity are included in speaker selection for JUNIPER-run events.


  • Ensure the diversity champion undertakes regular training on EDI and Unconscious Bias
  • Encourage the partnership academic leads to take up training where possible.
  • Ensure funded staff members have access to EDI training and encourage them to take it up.