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Researcher exchange programme

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Our next Researcher Exchange Programme application round opens in July 2024

We are delighted to welcome applications for our first Researcher Exchange Programme awards. This call is aimed at supporting travel and accommodation for a UK-based researcher or public health employee to visit another UK institution for an extended period of time (between 20-40 days). The aim is that the visitor will be embedded within the host group, helping them to strengthen and/or develop collaborative links that will support their future career development. 

If you are considering applying we strongly encourage you to first speak with the JUNIPER Scientific Programme Manager at to discuss your proposed visit further.

Further details of the scheme are given below and we encourage you to look at the guidance documents and application form.



  • Funding to cover travel and accommodation for the duration of the visit. We expect a typical total award to be approximately £2,000. 

  • Priority will be given to proposed visits with a defined outcome, for example a grant or fellowship application or academic paper. Please contact the JUNIPER scientific programme manager at if you are unsure whether your proposed visits fits within the scope.

  • The defined outcome must fall within the remit of epidemic modelling. Note our remit is broad and encompasses research across a range of quantitative disciplines impacting on public health, epidemiological modelling or related areas.

  • Need to demonstrate the visit will have a significant benefit to the applicant's future career.


Who can apply?

Either the applicant or the host must have a track record of engagement with JUNIPER - for example (including but not restricted to) giving a talk at a seminar or JUNIPER event, regularly attending JUNIPER meetings/seminars.


Key dates

  • Applications for the next round opens in July 2024

If you have an exchange that needs to take place before the next deadline for any reason then please contact the JUNIPER scientific programme manager at