Joint UNIversities Pandemic and Epidemiological Research

JUNIPER is a collaborative network of researchers from across the UK who work at the interface between mathematical modelling, infectious disease control and public health policy.

Who we are

JUNIPER is a partnership that connects epidemic modellers across the country with the aims of building capacity and capability for the UK’s epidemiological modelling. A key long-term aim is to ensure that we are better prepared and more resilient to future infectious disease threats, so our research covers a range of infectious diseases that are important regionally, nationally and internationally, as well as supporting underpinning research for strengthening infectious disease modelling.

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How we started

JUNIPER first formed in 2020 to bring together multiple smaller epidemic modelling groups from a range of different UK universities.  By operating as a cohesive and coordinated network, we could respond effectively to the COVID-19 emergency. JUNIPER was highly successful in contributing to the scientific advice to the UK government during this period: see history for more on JUNIPER’s work during this period. During this demanding time, we discovered there was real strength and value to convening a network to build on the synergies in UK research capacity in infectious disease modelling.

How to be involved

JUNIPER operates a wide range of activities to bring together UK epidemic modelling research. This allows us to identify key areas of future research needs, share latest developments effectively, help to nurture early career researchers and to interface effectively with other disciplines. We are also able to act as a convening hub to respond to the needs of policy makers.

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