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STEP Support Programme

STEP II modules

The STEP II papers are designed to be harder than STEP I papers, and they also contain some AS Further Mathematics knowledge (such as complex numbers and matrices). We therefore recommend that you should prepare by working through the Foundation modules before tackling these. The STEP II modules are designed to be started near the beginning of Year 13.

We are currently updating the STEP II modules in light of the changes to the specifications for 2019 onwards. There will be some new modules available in the Autumn of 2018.

Each of these STEP II modules consists of a selection of STEP II questions, together with hints and solutions. The modules also contain "topic notes" which consists of useful formulae you should be aware of, together with some general hints and advice.

These modules can be tackled in whichever order you like, but we would suggest that you do the "STEP II Calculus" module first, followed by the "STEP II Curve Sketching" module.

There is more information about the different module types here.