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STEP Support Programme

Worked STEP papers

Here you can find full solutions to some of the more recent STEP 2 and 3 papers, along with some commentaries and tips. You can use these however you like, you could use them to help you assess a "Mock Paper", or to see how you could have attempted the questions you didn't like the look of.

Worked 2023 STEP Paper 2: 
Worked 2022 STEP Paper 2: 
Worked 2022 STEP Paper 3: 
Worked 2021 STEP paper 2: 
Worked 2021 STEP paper 3: 
Worked 2020 STEP paper 2: 
Worked 2020 STEP paper 3: 
Worked 2019 STEP paper 2: 
Worked 2019 STEP paper 3: 

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