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STEP Support Programme

Support for Teachers

The STEP Support Programme supports students who are thinking of applying to study maths at university. It can be used both as preparation to sit the Sixth Term Examination Papers, or to help students develop their mathematical problem solving skills even if they are not planning to sit STEP.

The Foundation Assignments can be used with Year 12 and Year 13 students to complement what they are learning in lessons. The first few assignments need no, or very little, A level content (Foundation Assignment 3 needs an awareness that integration gives the area under a curve). Later assignments lead students through a derivation of the results needed to tackle the STEP question, such as Trigonometric identities and methods of differentiating.

The file below shows the Mathematical content of the 25 Foundation Assignments, and also of the three "Mixed STEP 1 modules". This can be used so that you can signpost interesting/relevant assignments to students as they progress through their courses, or so that you can choose activities to use in your own teaching.

In this webinar recording Claire discusses STEP and how you can use the resources on this site to help your students prepare for STEP.

There is also a STEP database which is searchable by topic name and other keywords. Searching using the tag "C1" finds the STEP questions which do not require much A-level material to answer.

Content of Assignments: 

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