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STEP Support Programme


There are various places where you can find more information about STEP and Cambridge Admissions.

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing
Information about the process of sitting STEP

The Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website contains all the information about how the exam is administered and what will happen on the day. Some of the most relevant sections are:

  • STEP past papers (and mark schemes etc.) You will need to click on the drop down menu next to "STEP Past papers" to see the zip files. You can also find downloadable copies of the front pages of the question paper and answer booklet on this page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) about taking the paper and what happens on the day of the test.
  • How to register for STEP. You can also find details on how a school/college can become a test centre here (which is fairly easy to do!), and if your school does not want to become a centre you can Search for a Test Centre.
  • STEP dates and costs. There is a "hard cut off date" each year for STEP and you need to be registered before this.

Cambridge Maths Faculty
Information about applying to study Maths at Cambridge

The Undergraduate admissions in Mathematics pages of the Mathematics Faculty website contain information about applying to study maths at Cambridge. In particular:

Undergraduate Study at Cambridge
Information about applying to Cambridge (not Maths specific)

There is lots of information on these pages about applying to Cambridge, including financial support, choosing a college and Frequently Asked Questions.

We would also recommend that you have a look at the Mathematics pages for the colleges that you might be interested to applying to.

If you have any questions that have not been answered via one of the links on this page, then please email