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STEP Support Programme

Video Worked Solutions

Cambridge Undergraduates and STEP Support Programme staff have produced videos running through solutions to the STEP question for each of the 25 foundation assignments. You can find the video to each foundation assignment linked on the webpage for that particular assignment, or you can find a list of All 25 videos here.

Useful Links

Underground Mathematics: Selected worked STEP questions

STEP Question database

University of Cambridge Mathematics Faculty: What do we look for?

University of Cambridge Mathematics Faculty: Information about STEP

University of Cambridge Admissions Office: Undergraduate course information for Mathematics

Stephen Siklos' "Advanced Problems in Mathematics" book (external link)

MEI: Worked solutions to STEP questions (external link)

OCR: Exam board information about STEP (external link)

AMSP (Advanced Maths Support programme): Support for University Admission Tests (external link)