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STEP Support Programme

Cambridge state school offer-holders day 2018

Hi all,

If you have an offer for Cambridge which includes STEP II and STEP III, and you are UK domiciled and attend a UK state school then you should have received an email inviting you to a STEP preparation day in March.

If you have any questions about these days then please ask! Also, if you meet the above criteria but have not received an email please contact us and let us know

If you don't meet the criteria, for example you attend an independent school, are an overseas student or only need STEP I etc then please keep using the free resources on this site! The "Foundation module" are intended to prepare you for STEP I, and the STEP II / STEP III modules prepare you for these exams (they do assume that you have worked through most of the foundation modules first). The discussion board, as with any other resources on this site, is also free and open to everyone.

I am a student in year 12. And was wondering whether STEP I is written in May/ June along with AS-level examinations. Or is it done in year 13 (May/ June) along with STEP II and III?

STEP I is intended to be sat at the end of Year 13, like STEP II and III (STEP means Sixth Term Examination Paper - so is taken in the Sixth term of A-levels).

STEP I is based on single Maths A-level content, but it expects a higher level of Mathematical maturity than might be expected at the end of year 12. I cannot think of any advantages of sitting STEP I in the summer of year 12!

I have sent off my form for reimbursement however have just realised that I forgot to put in the train tickets with receipt, what should I do?

Hi - if you email they will be able to advise you further!


If you like you can post the train tickets with a covering letter and they will be reunited with the form.

Are there plans for an offer-holder day this year?

Yes there are plans for this year! The exact details are being finalised and all eligible students will be sent an email invitation by the admissions office early in February.