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STEP Support Programme

READ THIS: Prioritise your STEP Preparation

The STEP Support team would like to make some helpful suggestions about what we think is the best way to prepare for STEP, to help you get the most out of this site.
The STEP Support Modules have been designed to give you a broad coverage of the STEP specification, together with lots of opportunities to practise questions.
In particular, the STEP II Modules contain questions taken from STEP II papers from 2003-2011. We have chosen these questions carefully as good starting points for each topic, but of course you will also want to try other questions from other papers. We thought it might be useful to offer some advice on which questions to try.

It is important to remember that the A Level and STEP syllabus has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, so we would advise everyone to concentrate their efforts first on more recent questions, and only look at papers from the 80s and 90s when you have run out of other questions to do! It is worthwhile setting aside a couple of papers (perhaps 2015 and 2016) to use as "mock exams" as your final preparation in the summer. The questions from 2003-2011 that we have not featured on the STEP Support modules, plus the whole of 2012, 2013 and 2014, gives you plenty of questions to try without needing to go back and spend lots of time agonising over questions examining content that is no longer part of the specification.

Of course we are still happy to discuss older questions on the forum, as many of them are mathematically interesting and exciting problems! But if you are stuck on a problem from one of the earliest STEP papers, our first advice will always be to try some more recent questions on a similar topic first.

I have been working through the support modules and the past papers, and both have been quite helpful. But I'm still struggling in geometry/trigonometry and some aspects of the pure math questions despite the extra practice. Can anyone recommend any more resources for these topics (or any topics really). That would be a huge help!

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