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STEP 2 Module Overview

More about the STEP 2 modules

Each STEP 2 module relates to a different area of the specifications and contains 4 STEP 2 questions. Since different schools teach the curriculum in different orders some of the STEP questions may require results that you have not yet been taught. To ensure that everyone is able to attempt the questions there are some "Topic Notes". There are also "Hints" and "Solutions" documents.

The modules can be tackled in whichever order you like, but some will depend on others (for example calculus techniques are needed for the curve sketching questions).

We suggest that you attempt the questions (possibly with the use of the topics notes) before looking at the hints or solutions documents, or you might like to read through the topic notes before attempting the questions. If you read the topic notes and find there are gaps in your knowledge, you may wish to read up on those topics. If after having a good attempt at the question you feel you need some guidance then you can use the hints document to get some ideas for how to tackle the question. Don’t be tempted to resort to the hints too soon!

The solutions document shows one possible solution of each question, but there may be some gaps for you to fill in. If you managed to complete the question, then you can check your work by referring to the solutions document. If you found the question difficult then you can work through the question referring to the solutions as you progress through it. Do look at the solutions document even if you think you have answered a question well; there may be some extra ideas in there that you can use in future questions.

These modules are aimed at year 13 students, and assume that you have already worked through most of the Foundation modules first.

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