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STEP Support Programme


This forum is for discussing the assignments in the STEP Support Programme and any other aspects of STEP, studying maths at university, etc.

The assignments here are intended to increase your confidence at solving hard maths questions, and also introduce you to some interesting puzzles and areas of maths that might be useful.

As a very rough guide we would recommend those aiming to sit STEP III in the summer of 2018 to work through the assignments to this approximate timetable:

* End of year 12 / summer holidays / start of Year 13: Work through the Foundation Assignments
* Late October to the end of January of Year 13: Work through the STEP II Assignments
* February to the end of April of Year 13: Work through the STEP III Assignments
* May of Year 13: Work through past papers

However, please do not feel that you have to follow this timetable if you have one that suits your circumstances better!

Good luck!

Thanks, and congratulations on the support modules which I'm finding to be an excellent and enjoyable guide - the warm up and preparation in particular are very effective and insightful - I've tried jumping straight in to The Step Question, but usually have very little idea as to how to proceed until I've worked through the first two questions. This is based on assignments 1-3, and I'm very much looking forward to discovering number 4 tomorrow.

Following on from my first post above, do please feel free to use these resources in any way that suits you best! Some examples:

If you are feeling very confident then you might decide to start working through past papers before (or instead of) working through the STEP II and STEP III modules. In which case you might like to use the topic notes to look up any information that might be useful and the discussion forum to ask questions about the papers you are working on (forum use is not restricted to the modules on this site!).

You might be a Year 12 student with lots of free time (if any such exist!). In which case you might like to look at the first few foundation modules (but you should expect them to take longer than if you were coming to them at the end of Year 12).

You might want to start on the foundation modules, but just attempt the STEP questions.

You might start working through some past papers, decide that there is a topic that you want to work on in more detail and then work through the relevant STEP II / STEP III module.

The resources on this website are all freely available to all and you can use them in whichever way you want. Please do not feel that you have to complete every part of every assignment. This programme is designed to be particularly useful for anyone who has no other support in preparing for STEP, but we hope that everyone will find something helpful here.

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