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a simple question----assignment 12

After finishing the preparation part for assignment 12, I found there may be some difference between CIE statistics and STEP statistics, just the question (iv):(b) and (c) in preparation

below is the link:

please just reply me is there any difference between CIE and STEP

Thanks a lot

If you're taking the CIE International A-Level (9709), and are doing the Statistics 1 paper (Paper 6), you should know the basic ideas of probability and combinatorics required to solve parts (iv)(b) and (c). Was there something in these problems or the solution that you didn't understand?

This question relies on the probability covered in GCSE- tree diagrams, conditional events etc. (as far as I recall - I haven't taught it for a couple of years but I don't think it will have changed that much!)

thank you for your help, actually, I have finished this question using the combination which is the 5th modules on statistics 1 because I did not understand the answer.
with best wishes
Kervin Liu